Today, I’m wearing red in honor of the U.S.’s National Wear Red Day in the fight against heart disease sponsored by the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S.

Below are a few very important statistics relating to women and heart disease:

  • 8 million women in the U.S. are currently living with heart disease; 35,000 are under age of 65.
  • 435,000 American women have heart attacks each year.
  • 42% of women who have heart attacks die within 1 year, compared to 24% of men.
  • Under age 50, women’s heart attacks are twice as likely as men’s to be fatal.
  • 267,000 women die each year from heart attacks, which kills six times as many women as breast cancer. Another 31, 837 women die each year of congestive heart failure, representing 62.6% of all heart failure deaths.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the deaths from heart attacks in women occur among those who have no history of chest pain.
  • Women who smoke risk having a heart attack 19 years earlier than non-smoking women.
  • 23% of white women, 38% of black women, and 36% Mexican American women are obese. Obesity leads to an increased risk of premature death due to cardiovascular problems like hypertension, stroke and coronary artery disease (CAD).
  • Women with hypertension experience a risk of developing chronic heart disease 3.5 times that of females with normal blood pressure. High blood pressure is more common in women taking oral contraceptives, especially in obese women.  
  • The age-adjusted rate of heart disease for African American women is 72% higher than for white women, while African American women ages 55-64 are twice as likely as white women to have a heart attack and 35% more likely to suffer CAD.

Ladies, if you want a long, healthy life, stop smoking, get your weight under control, exercise, and know your cholesterol level, blood glucose level, and blood pressure.


SKINJinx’d Inc. – Azaria skin in Snow (Pure makeup)

DRESS:STICKY FINGERS : – My red cable knit sweater dress

HAIRLeLutka – QCX in Dark Blonde

SHOESN-core  – Poison Fat Pack

RINGS & NAILSMANDALA – Milky Way Hawthorn in red

HANDBAGCafe*Amie – Travel Boston Bag in red


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