I was feeling over the moon today after spending another wonderful evening with my love and wanted to wear a color that symbolized how I was feeling.  The only color I know that could adequately express this emotion is yellow.  Yellow means joy and happiness.  Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love.

I paired jeans from {mon tissu} with a top from Sticky Fingers, shoes from N-core, and to complete the look, a handbag from Ricielli.

So, if you’re having a “blah” kind of day, wear yellow to uplift your spirits.

Shopping List
TopSticky Fingers – My yellow lace trim cami top (NEW)
Jeans:  mon tissu – Lou Lou in Dark
Shoes:  N-core – Poison in Orange (Fat Pack)
Hair:  Boon – WMO003 in Black (Black/Chocolate/Purple pack)
Handbag:  Ricielli Yuse Mesh Bag in Sweet Yellow
Earrings:  Mandala – Tukemono (Mesh) in Gold (past TDR exclusive)
Tattoo:  skream – Scattered Hearts (CLOSED)

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