Many people think that wearing a neutral color is boring and unimaginative.  The only thing boring and unimaginative is you!  Neutral colors gives you so many looks: from simple to dramatic and everything in between.

I’ve decided to add a little drama to my neutral.  Accessorizing your look with “undone” hair; a bold, chunky neck piece; red lips (my fave); and an animal print boot ratchets up your ho hum look to one with pizzazz and oomph!

Remember that neutral definitely does not equal drab, boring, unimaginative, etc.

Shopping List
Dress:  villenaMesh Tunic in Nude (NEW) 
Hairboon – WMO033 in Black (Black/Chocolate/Purple pack)
NecklaceMandala – Omochi Necklace in Brown
BootsBax Coen Designs – Prestige Boots in Leopard
BanglesRYCA – TFN in Gold

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