I know a lot of you are afraid to mix patterns. Don’t be; you can have so much fun mixing patterns.  Mixing patterns is simple if you following these eight simple rules.

  1. Mix patterns from the same color family: Use hues from one main color when mixing patterns, creating a very subtle look, while still showing your daring side. It’s still visually stimulating for the eye, but in a refined way.
  2. Think of some patterns/textures as solids:  Think of a houndstooth, small polka dots, thin stripes, or checks as a solid. They’re small enough and understated that the eye can view them as a solid, even though they’re really not
  3. Look for patterns that complement each other:  Stripes and floral always mesh well, as do leopard and stripes or polka dots.
  4. Don’t go to matchy-matchy:  Don’t go out head-to-toe in one pattern
  5. Space the patterns out.
  6. Include neutrals in your outfit:  Add a solid with two or more patterns to allow the visual space of the outfit to be broken up
  7. Combine patterns of different densities/sizes:  Mix a dense print with a sparse print or a larger print with a smaller print.
  8. Use accessories wisely:  Use a colored belt to break up two different patterned pieces as can colored shoes or a neutral purse.

Fashion is supposed to be daring. So, gone on and mix those patterns girl!

Shopping List
Top:  coldLogicLaurie in Black

Handbag: Chandelle – Bag Marry in Zebra
Jeansmon tissu – Lou Lou in Black
HairDiva – Vivienne (Type A) in Topaz
BanglesYS and YS – Glow Bangles in Silver
EarringsMandala – Rinne in Glacier Silver
ShoesN-core – Poison in Black (Fat pack)

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