.iRetro.’s Bodysuits & Shorts

.iRetro., my favorite store for bodysuits, has released another bodysuit in black and in red and ladies’ shorts for fi*Fridays.  With a unique design of intersecting straps in the front and back, .iRetro. is distinguishing itself from the rest of the pack.

Also, available for men, are black & white and blue & white Mesh Basketball Shorts, which matches up with .iRetro.‘s OKC and Spurs jerseys.

 ↑ Bodysuit:   – ES Bodysuit in Black (fi*Fridays Exclusive)
Bodysuit:   – ES Bodysuit in Red   (fi*Fridays Exclusive)

.::Shopping List::.
Shorts:  .iRetro. – Mesa Shorts (fi*Fridays Exclusive)
Hair:  A and AJill in GoldBlonde (darkened a bit by me)
Shoes:  N-coreEmporium (Fat Pack)
Bangles:  RycaSilver Bangles
Necklace:  YummyMultiple Chain Necklace in Silver 

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