When AZUL sent out the notice that this breathtaking gown was only offered at its location at Frank’s Place, I just had to get one!

As you can see, it’s GORGEOUS!  With roses surrounding the waistline and layers upon layers of gauzy material, this gown aptly deserves the name ethereal dream.

This was a limited edition gown, and hopefully Ms. Jewell will give all of her customers a chance to own this gown.

.:: Shopping List ::.
Gown:  AzulExlusive *Frank’s Place Exclusive*
HairPurpleMoon – Dew w/Strings in Black (Black/White pack)
Face Tattoo:  Madrid Solo – Eyeshadow Design/Eye Candy
Earrings & Bracelets:  MG – South Sea Pearls in White
NecklaceMG – Pearls Short Combo in White
Lips:  Ricielli – Lipstick 02/08
EyesIKON – Sunrise Eyes in Light Steel Blue

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