First, Iconic Couture hit us with an upper cut by releasing four incredibly beautiful new hairstyles just in time for the Hair Show 2012.  Now, it has come back with the knockout punch called Pandora
It’s a loosely braided hairstyle with bangs that delicately frames the face.  Unlike a lot of braid styles, this one will look good worn with jeans and a t-shirt or with a gown…the choice is yours!

With 10…that’s right 10…color packs from which to choose, I know that you’ll find a color pack or two or three or four that you’ll find irresistible to pass up!

.:: Shopping List ::.
HairIconic Couture – Pandora (Boss Collection) in Brickhouse (Vamps Pack) *New*

Top[whatever] – Button Vest in Leo *fi*Fridays Exclusive* – Leggings in Black

BraceletsYS and YS – Simple Gloss Bangles in Black

ShoesSimilar – Poison in Black Patent


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