The Month of Games

TMoG - Chess
The Black King sets out from his dark castle intent on conquering the far off fairy kingdom of the White Queen and her consort. Caught in an epic battle the power struggles between the dark side and the light, an intricate dance of cunning moves will see who will come out on top. Only time will tell which side will prevail. To cheer on your side, join AIM & Siren Productions in the infamous Battle Royal July 19, 2014 at 12 & 5 pm SLT.
MODEL: Boniefacio Resident

Living and dancing among her people in the cloud kingdom of light, the White Queen may seem meek and mild. Do not be fooled by her sweet and mercurial nature for those foolish enough to threaten her kingdom and her crown will be struck down as she attacks from all sides. To see what threatens her kingdom and watch her do battle in the royal battle, join AIM & Siren Productions July 19, 2014 at 12 pm & 5 pm SLT.
MODEL: Seashell Dench


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