#840: Savina & Insignito


MODA has combined three of its most popular shoes – the Princess and the Blair on the Chasidy platform – to create the Insignito.  The Insignito can be worn four ways:  with and without the bow and with and without the diamonds.  It is specially priced at 825L for the fat pack until November 2, 2014; after which time, the fat pack will be priced at 3500L.

Ƈαηɗαу Sнσρ – Sανιηα *ƝƐƜ* @ Lуfє σf SтуƖє
Ƈαтωα – ƇαяƖα  (cнσιcє σf ѕιx ηєω cσƖσя HUƊѕ) *ƝƐƜ*
Jυѕт Mαgηєтιzєɗ – Ɗινα Ɓяσωѕ (ƬιηтαвƖє)
Ƥαρєя Ƈσυтυяє – Ƙησттєɗ Sηαкє Ƈнαιη
Rуcα – ƬƑƝ
ƊєƖιcισυѕ – Oя AηgєƖ *ƝƐƜ* @ fι*Ƒяιɗαу
Ɓєηѕ Ɓєαυту – Azяα Ɓαg *ƝƐƜ* @ Ɓσɗу Mσɗιfιcαтιση Ɛxρσ
Ƶєηιтн – Mιяяσя ƤєαяƖ Sтσηє (ƓσƖɗ)
MOƊA – ǀηѕιgηιтσ *ƝƐƜ*
Ƥσѕє+ινιту – Lιν *ƝƐƜ* @ fι*Ƒяιɗαу





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